Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Alfa Romeo Brera Concept car and Pictures

The Alfa Romeo Brera is a new exclusive sport coupe that awakens a storm of emotion and guarantee maximum driving pleasure. it's probably the most acclaimed Alfa of the latest years: presented as a stunning concept at the 2002 Geneva Motor Show, today the Brera is a procution reality. But it is not the same car: there are few but significant changes...The Brera was recently awarded the "Most Beautiful Car of the World" prize, and we, in partnership with the Italian Magazine AutoViaggiando, took this chance to speak about the passage from the Concept to the series model.The Brera production model is undoubtly one of the best Alfa Romeo cars of the latest years: yet it has lost something of the fantastic appeal of the Concept. The dimensions are a bit different: the production Brera is slightly longer (+25 mm) but has a consistantly shorter wheelbase (-70 mm). This soften the sporty and aggressive look of the Concept, that rested on the 20 inches wheels placed at the corners of the car and had minimal overhangs.This "quieter" character of the car is stressed by the smaller width (-64 mm) and the greater height (+84 mm).Another significant change can be seen in the profile view: the side window is split in two parts by a small B-pillar; the door profile is completely different: it is shorter and has a more conventional line. The space left in the rear portion of the side panel gives the production Brera a heavier look. have a fun....look more pictures above :

Interior alfa romea brera
Interior of the Alfa Romeo Brera said exclusivity and uncompromising as the vehicle through the use of expensive materials in the finishing, as well as high-standard equipment. this interior is very enjoyning with driver.

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