Thursday, March 26, 2009

2009 Ferrari F60 Technical Specifications

F60 Technical Specifications :
Chassis : Carbon-fibre and honeycomb composite monocoque
Suspension (front) : Independent suspension, pushrod activated torsion springs
Suspension (rear) : As front
Engine : Ferrari Type 056 2398cc V8 (90°) 18,000 RPM-Limited with KERS Mid engine
rear wheel drive
Transmission : Ferrari 7 speeds + reverse Semiautomatic sequential, electronically-
controlled, longitudinal gearbox, quick-shift Limited-slip differential
Weight : 605 kg (1333.8 lb) (including driver, water and lubricant)
Fuel : Shell V-Power ULG 66L/2 Fuel, Shell Lubricant
Tyres : Bridgestone, BBS Wheels (front and rear): 13"

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