Sunday, February 1, 2009

The New Concept of Ford GT90

The New Concept of Ford GT90
The GT90 is powered by a quad-turbo 720 bhp V12 engine which runs on four Garrett Systems T2 Turbochargers. It possesses a 5-speed manual gearbox and boasts a double wishbone suspension which is famous for its use on large sports car. Due to its stylish design and widely claimed high performance, it is often intergrated in automobile games such as Need For Speed II. However, it is believed that its performance had been widely over-hyped, and that the car's performances in actual road testing is much less impressive.

Ford planned to produce a limited amount of 100 Ford GT90s which never become a reality. However, it does create a significant effect on the design of future Ford cars, namely the Cougar and the Ka. CEO of Ford, Jacques Nasser, was reportedly so proud and impressed with the Ford GT90 that he have a model of it placed in his workplace even before he held his current post!

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