Sunday, January 18, 2009

News Mazda RX-8 2009 : Car Concept

This a good news car 2009, Mazda has freshened the design of its RX-8 and added a high-performance R3 package to the lineup. The bad news is, the engine and interior haven't changed all that much.Power is unchanged for 2009, which will make this light face-lift that much less of a draw to showrooms.

Not changing the interior can be forgiven because the RX-8 was already ahead of its time in terms of affordable quality and style. What is upsetting is that Mazda didn't address the major complaint with the RX-8: the engine. The quirkiness of the rotary is fun, but it sure could use more power. What driving enthusiasts get instead is an R3 trim level with a more aggressive suspension, impressive-looking 19-inch wheels, a spoiler and other body enhancements

News Mazda RX-8 2009 picture.........

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